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Welcome to Valley Leadership Academy in Huntsville, Alabama micro hybrid private school
The Voyage of a Lifetime Begins Here

Welcome to
Valley Leadership Academy

Are you seeking a school environment that is challenging and rigorous, yet positive and fun?

Valley Leadership Academy in Huntsville, Alabama, employs an innovative, family-centered educational approach. As a private hybrid school, we offer the flexibility of homeschooling with the benefits of a school community. We seek to elicit the curiosity, excellence of character, and genius we believe is the potential in all children.

Your children have big, important things to do in life, and we are here to help them prepare for those challenges.

An Introduction to Valley Leadership Academy

Explore what makes the Valley Leadership Academy voyage unique

Learn the answers to our most frequently asked questions


The Voyager Fund

If you believe children deserve a school that promotes a kind, wholesome, and encouraging environment while providing academic excitement and rigor, please join us in our mission to make the world a better place -- one student at a time. 

Our Student Pledge

We are people of power, purpose, and potential.

We speak life, love, and light to everyone we meet.

We strive diligently to fulfill our missions, to do the work in the world only we can do.


Equipping the Leaders, Luminaries, and Innovators of the Future

Our School Rules

Be Kind

Work Hard

Have Fun!

Grow Every Day

Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville Alabama Hybrid School
Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville, Alabama hybrid micro private school

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