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Academics At VLA

Valley Leadership Academy is a blended hybrid school offering personalized education and individualized curriculum. Our students enjoy customized learning plans tailored to their unique learning styles, abilities, and interests. At Valley Leadership Academy, we strive to balance academic rigor with development of love of learning. 


In our school, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum. We will work with families to determine the best curriculum for each student. All students will learn the same concepts, but in ways that best fit their own learning styles and interests. Students may provide their own curriculum, or choose to participate in our core classes, which include language arts, social studies, science, math, and Spanish. We also offer a variety of electives that are enriching and fun.


At VLA, we seek a holistic approach to education. We care most about helping our students find joy in learning and confidence in approaching challenges. Students will be motivated to achieve mastery of concepts and demonstrate that mastery in a variety of ways. Standardized testing is offered, but not required.

Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville Alabama Academics

Daily School Life Includes:

  • ​​Critical thinking through the Socratic Method

  • Development of interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Character development curriculum to enhance holistic life success

  • Project-based learning, experimentation, and exploration 

  • Goal setting (long and short term), motivation building

  • Entrepreneurship and financial literacy

  • Core academic subjects, along with foreign language and the arts

  • Independent service projects

  • Development of healthy habits, both physical and emotional ​

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