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Student Life

At Valley Leadership Academy, we are here to learn -- but what brings us together is character. In an environment filled with kindness, hard work, fun and personal development, children not only learn to be great scholars, but great people.

The Valley Leadership Academy Student Pledge

We are people of power, purpose, and potential.

We speak life, love, and light to everyone we meet.

We strive diligently to fulfill our missions, to do the work in the world only we can do.

Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville Alabama Student Life

Student Opportunities

Our clubs, electives, and courses are offered according to student and parent interest. Check back for more details on our '23 - '24 selections.

  • ACT Prep

  • Aloha Alliance

  • American Sign Language

  • Art (Advanced and Intermediate)

  • Book Club

  • Chess Club

  • Chinese Club

  • Choir/Music Appreciation

  • Coding Club

  • Computer Science

  • Cooking

  • Craft Club

  • Drama

  • Engineering Club

  • LEGO Club

  • Media Journalism

  • Mock Trial

  • Money Matters Club

  • Nature Science

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Spanish

  • Storytelling Through Film

  • String Instrument Orchestra

  • Student Council

  • Ukulele

  • Yearbook

  • Private Music Lessons Available on Site

Valley Leadership Academy School Rules

Be Kind

Work Hard

Have Fun!

Grow Every Day

Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville Alabama Hybrid School
Valley Leadership Academy Huntsville Alabama Hybrid School
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