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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Valley Leadership Academy require a statement of faith or have a religious affiliation?
While VLA meets at a church, we do not require a statement of faith and do not have a religious affiliation. We strive to build the character of our students by teaching moral principles through leadership training. These principles are common to many faiths, and we welcome students from all religious and ideological backgrounds.

Does Valley Leadership Academy require a specific curriculum?
No. We provide high-quality digital curriculum through the Florida Virtual School if families would like to use this resource. However, most students and their families choose to use a variety of different curriculum options. We are available to help guide the curriculum selection process. Students may also choose to participate in our cohorts, which include literature, writing, spelling, history, and math. 

What standards do you use to assess student progress?
We use a holistic approach to gauge student progress and overall development. Our primary goal is to provide a peaceful and engaging learning environment in which students work towards meeting personalized goals and standards. Standardized testing is offered for those who wish to participate.

What makes Valley Leadership Academy different from other schools and homeschool communities? 
So many things! Our primary focus is on school culture and leadership/character development. Academics are important, but are taught in the context of personal growth rather than the traditional competition-driven model found in many school environments. We strive to provide the flexibility and personalization of homeschooling with the structure and community of “going to school.” 

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